UFC Star Tracy Cortez Dedicates Nighttime Win to Late ‘Big Sister’ Gloria Cejudo

Emotionally, Tracy Cortez dedicated her Noche UFC victory to her ‘big sister’ Gloria Cejudo, following Cejudo’s death.

An emotional Tracy Cortez dedicated her Noche UFC victory to her “big sister,” Gloria Cejudo, who passed away recently. Cortez was visibly teary during the post-fight interview, indicating the depth of her loss.

Tracy Cortez has always considered Gloria Cejudo, her former teammate, as an elder sister. Their bond strengthened further during the training sessions and fights opened doors to a special connection between the two. Gloria’s loss has indeed created an irreplaceable void in Cortez’s life.

Dedicating her win in the Noche UFC to Gloria, Cortez not only displayed a great strength of character but also paid a heartfelt tribute to her departed companion. The fighter’s display of raw emotion was a stark reminder of the strong bonds formed in the sport, painting a more human portrait beyond the bloody bouts inside the ring. It was indeed an emotional night that revealed the sentimental aspect of mixed martial arts, reminding audiences of the fighters’ personal lives and struggles behind the public façade.


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